Some Louis Vuitton History*

Some interesting Louis Vuitton history of the various legendary trunks…


Louis Vuitton was born in 1821 in Paris, France and opened the first store in 1854. The first LV trunk was covered in gray Trianon canvas and in 1872 the striped canvas replaced the gray. The first wardrobe trunk was made in 1875 and in 1888 the checkerboard canvas and the LV mark was displayed. In the 1890’s the monogram canvas was designed by George (son of Louis) who also invents the 5 pin lock, to protect the brand was imitations.


In the 1900’s the majority of the vintage trunks were created. At different intervals of time things were added and enhanced. For instance in 1959 a new “coating” technique was used to create the first flexible luggage in the monogram canvas. 1984 the Epi collection came into being and from then on new collections were periodically added. Those collections included, updated checkerboard canvas, the graffiti, multi colored monogram, denim and others.


2004 was the 150 anniversary of the creation of Louis Vuitton and was celebrated with jewelry, giant checkerboard, eyeglasses. The collections continued to born to this day. With all that said the most coveted of the collection are still by far the legendary trunks.


Coverings of trunks

Trianon canvas

Striped canvas

Checkerboard canvas

Monogram canvas


Specific Coatings of trunks




Exotic Skins



Black Painted Metal

Cowhide in its’ natural color



(The older handles were in metal painted black or on the oldest models, a finish called Moorish).






And Morocco (different levels of luxury and sturdiness)

Finishes have interplays of leather or canvas with wood

Trunk corners covered in painted metal or Lozine (vulcanized fiber) or leather, finished with brackets, latches and buckles with rivets of steel or brass.


Interiors on the lid of older trunks are made by affixing cloth with a studded cross of ribbons of diamond or star designs. Can be of paper, linen, or silks antique moire being one of the most luxurious.


Types of trunks

Trunks with front flap


Laundry trunks

Shoe trunks


Cabin trunk

Twin wardrobe

Library trunk


Toiletries case

Flower trunk

Expandable trunk


Ladies Trunks

Men’s Trunks

Desk trunks

Car trunks


Interiors of trunks can have baskets, shoe boxes, shelves, desk, drawers or hangers.*

*Content sourced from Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks, Abrams, New York, 2010.